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Tony Van Groningen
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a graphic & web designer, living beneath the light grey skies of Ventura, CA. I grew up in a tiny town surrounded by mountains, where I drew a lot and read a lot of comics. Now I still do those things and also enjoy reading piles of fiction, music, statistics, basketball, and other designerly pursuits.

I am always open to freelance work, so feel free to get in touch even if it's only to say hello.
Hello Deviants! The Better Chemistry shirt was the result of a great artistic back-and-forth conversation with Forest Stearns, Art Director of deviantART Brands. We ultimately went with a very clean and recognizable solution for this one to be sure the message was communicated, but this is a perfect example of how a project can evolve from its roots to a final deliverable. Here's Forest, describing how this concept got its start:

"As artists it is really important that we expand past our comfort level and look for inspiration in a multitude of places. deviantArt is a great place to find all sorts of different types of art that might be much different that your own. Beyond even the arts it is good to look for this inspiration in other fields of study and other thought processes. Bringing in elements of many topics and subject matters can make your art a really rich experience for many types of viewers who may not make art themselves. This shirt was designed with science in mind, I often study science books and watch nature shows for ideas to bring into my work. Better Chemistry is a nod to the science of chemistry and its beautifully established visual language. Wear this illustration when you are meticulously testing out your artistic ideas and solving your hypothetical theories. Be an alchemist of art! Go explore with your art tools and document the journey. 

One morning I was experimentally building sculptures with a molecular model set for organic chemistry. I thought it would be great to build a molecule chain that looked like a cluster of characters connected in theses chain like ways.

Characters As Molecules Workflow by $draweverywhere

The characters are fun and grimy but not clean like these orbs. There was an epiphany when I made the molecules look like the letters 'dA.' This really stoked me out, but it was not quite what I was thinking.  

Molecules Workflow by $draweverywhere

During the building of this collection I was working with 'Tonybricker,' who I know as a science-loving artist as well. I did a quick sketch for him to work on of a dA lockup within a single periodic table element. Little did I know, that this would be the new kernel for the graphic and the others would be shelved for future use. 

Sketchbook Better workflow by $draweverywhere

We went back and forth in conversation and did more sketches to develop this new idea. Looking at different ways that scientific illustrators have tackled this topic historically we pushed forward while doing much research. 

Bristol pad workflow by $draweverywhere

The decision was made to make the piece super clean and the tag line was chosen to flank the graphic. 

dA Chemistry Practice by $draweverywhere

From the sketchbook the graphic went digital and we were able to talk about color. Wanting the color scheme to be 'serious' we explored many colorways and landed on grey and red. Seeing them next to each other we decided that they are both strong. The hoodie in blue followed for a colorway that is cooler in temperature but just as strong.

PeriodicTable Concepts color choices by $draweverywhere

The piece was sent to the printer and we were left in suspense. 

process Better Chemistry Item Sheet by $draweverywhere

The models donned the clothing at the shoot and we were able to really appreciate the finished product. 

In Earshoodie Workflow by $draweverywhere

DSC9798process by $draweverywhere

Front Hoodie Workflow by $draweverywhere

DSC9015process by $draweverywhere

Back Hoodie Workflow by $draweverywhere

Better Chemistry by $draweverywhere

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